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Asbestology is committed to providing you with transparent, hassle-free work. Our objective is to protect you & your loved ones’ health and safety. We give a 20-year triple warranty on all asbestos and carpentry jobs!

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Over 20+ years experience & a dedicated quality control team!

Asbestology are the specialists in asbestos removal in Melbourne. With over 20+ years in the industry, we were there right at the beginning when it all fell apart. Just when policymakers began to crack down on Asbestos and enact laws to protect your family – we’ve been at the forefront by your side.

We’ve developed a great reputation for delivering timely, efficient customer service and ensuring we stick with you from start to finish and even post project completion so you can rest assured you’ll be well looked after.

Have an issue? Give us a call today to explore our triple satisfaction guarantees!

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Asbestos Removal

We carry out the complete removal of Asbestos from roofing, wall sheeting, fences, floor tiles, vinyl, ceilings and everything else in-between. We service the industrial, commercial & domestic sectors. Give your trusted asbestos experts a call for an obligation-free quote today!

Asbestos Disposal

Given the nature of Asbestos, it needs a higher degree of maintenance and can affect your health or climate if not disposed of correctly. We also supply EPA waste tracking receipts upon request for additional peace of mind.

Asbestos Tests

Because of the wide range of materials used in building, analyzing and detecting Asbestos can be difficult. With our quick checks, you will find out whether your property contains Asbestos. We only use NATA-approved labs at Asbestology.

Asbestos Hole Cutting

Need to pass a cable or wiring through an asbestos-containing wall or ceiling? To ensure your protection, we follow industry best practices when cutting holes.

Asbestos Inspections

Asbestology is dedicated to delivering industry-leading asbestos inspection services while also helping to make our community a healthier and safer one.


Our team of experienced carpenters has nearly two decades of carpentry experience and is ready to complete any repairing, decking, or general carpentry projects.


We are committed as industry leaders to providing safe, competent, effective & productive demolition services. Irrespective of the project, large or small, we have the right team to tackle the project.

Asbestos Reporting

Our comprehensive asbestos reporting includes photographs of all affected areas, collection of samples from each room & the test will be performed at our NATA accredited laboratory. The majority of reports arrive within a few days and contain the entire lab report.

On-site consultations are available for $390+GST. Fee deducted from quote total when project approved.


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A customer-first Award-winning Team

At Asbestology, we are the industry leaders in delivering asbestos removal services. We’re committed to the job from start to finish with our triple guarantee scheme, ensuring your complete satisfaction. Our team is always on time and treats your home as though it was our own.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Their are a number of precautions and variables at play when it comes to delivering a project on-time. The time required to carry out out full abatement process and deliver the standard of work we’re proud of greatly depends on the following: the size of the affected area, type of asbestos material, ease of access, configuration of the work area, and the time involved to deliver a complete hygienist clean. As a professional asbestos removal contractor, it is our responsibility to ensure that any building occupants are not exposed to asbestos fibres. However, we are in constant communication with you throughout the entire process, so you’re aware when you may safely return to utilise the space without harm. Should you have any questions or seek a more accurate project completion timeframe, please get in touch with our friendly Melbourne based team.

Sign the quote- scan it back to us or send via mail. We will send you an invoice for the required deposit if applicable.

Contact us for your desired start date & time & meet us on-site the first day & we will keep you updated of progress as the job progresses.

We pride ourselves on delivering professional asbestos services with integrity and honesty. This combined with a cohesive all-inclusive quoting process and transparent communication will allow you to make an educated decision which is right for you. When dealing with asbestos, we understand the serious nature of the material, and there's no excuse for cowboys putting your family, colleagues and friends in harm's way.

Naturally, after 20+ years in the industry, we've come to understand that no two asbestos specialists are the same, which is why we believe it's critically important to find one that's the right fit for you, one that will provide post-removal support - we're no cowboys, we're specialists. When picking the right asbestos contractor, consider the following:

What's their industry experience like?
Asbestology is a fully qualified & insured with an extensive showcase of testimonials and past projects - both residential and commercial. This is further exacerbated by our over 120+ 5-star reviews from clients; if you find a similar company with the same values, quality of service and reviews, we're all ears! Got a project big or small, we can handle it. For example, if you're property has multi-story asbestos contamination, you will want to take absolutely no risks with safety, you'll want a fully insured contractor with a proven track record of delivering 100% customer satisfaction without compromise. In the unlikely event, a hiccup is missed by our team of specialists on-site but also our supervisor; we'll happily dispatch our team to the property free of charge to resolve any issue.

How local to you are they?
If you're located in the inner-suburbs of Melbourne Victoria, then a nearby asbestos contractor is going to be with you faster. It also means they'll be easier to get ahold of for any follow-up work required whether that be an asbestos management plan or just need post-removal support. Choose a team which understands your local council regulation and is able to deliver a fast turn-around on your project.

Can they clearly explain your unique asbestos situation?
After 20+ years in the industry, we understand your situation will be unique to others. That's why it's important to work with a contractor with broad experience so you can enjoy a stress-free removal process. We acknowledge that some jobs require an on-site diagnosis or inspection and we'd be more than happy to jump on a quick call to explain your unique situation in detail to you and put forth an honest recommendation to help you make the right education decision.

Water can be shut down at the mains, get an electrician to isolate the power and have a single power point put at the power box which is easy to do & not expensive.

Here are the top questions you should ask when doing your due diligence for asbestos removal:

  1. Have they given Occupational Health and Safety Act the legally required 5-day notice prior to commencement? 
    An urgent start can be legal if the reason is valid.
  2. Are they clearing the job themselves on completion or using an independent third-party firm to do this
    It is a legal requirement to get the job cleared by a third-party business which has nothing to do with the job.
  3. Are they licensed & insured?
    Always ask for copies of the insurance policy & call to check it hasn’t been cancelled. Will they cover damages below the $2.5k excess?
  4. Are they playing the dirty game of cheaper quotes with a high list of variation charges?
    Check the quoted scope thoroughly. The final price may be a lot more than what is perceived.
  5. Do they have an online presence & do they have positive or negative reviews?
    In this line of work, great reviews are hard to come by, we can provide contact numbers & addresses for all of our jobs across Melbourne.
  6. Are they criminals?
    Over the years we have heard a lot of stories of property going missing to copper conduit pipes being taken & so on.
  7. Do they employ decent staff with an onsite supervisor?
    Our staff are thoroughly trained & paid well, so a lot of care is taken with your job. A lot of businesses will pay minimum rates & get unreliable uncaring workers who will compromise quality & safety.
  8. Are they getting rid of the asbestos waste legally?
  9. Do they use asbestos vacuum cleaners?
    It is well known that some businesses use normal vacuum cleaners that are not HEPA filtered & don’t pick up all the loose debris/fibres.
  10. How will they conduct the job, are their steps of progress & methods mentioned in the quote & do they deliver letters to all surrounding neighbours for exterior jobs?
  11. Hole Cuts/Penetrations
    We advise you do not use anyone other than those who have proven that they have done cuts before. It is very easy to contaminate the entire roof & wall space cavities.

Do your research because it only takes one fibre to enter your lungs & destroy your health. Call Workplace Health & Safety to verify credentials, or you can usually find details online. It is important for the asbestos business you engage to complete the works to take full responsibility & liability for the project. If you experience smart or negative answers to these very basic & legal questions, you will then know you are dealing with an asbestos cowboy. It is important for the safety of yourself & others to use legitimate operators.

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Don’t endanger your health and safety. Call Asbestology today for an obligation-free quote and to take advantage of our triple customer service guarantee. We promise that we will be on time every time, we will complete the job correctly the first time, and if there is a problem, it will be resolved quickly and without any charge, so you can enjoy a pain-free customer experience.

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